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        1. 服務流程Service Process

          Core Competitiveness

          ?  先進的服務理念;Advanced service concept
          ?  以客戶需求為導向;
          Customer oriented
          ?  以安全、營養、健康、環保為原則;
          Follow the principle of safety, nutrition, healthy and environmentally friendly
          ?  以科學、營養的菜單計劃、現代化餐飲的生產模式為基礎;
          Based on scientific and healthy recipe, modern catering production model
          ?  以嚴格的質量、風險管理控制體系、專業的人力資源管理團隊為支撐和保障;
          Supported by strict quality control and risk management system and professional human resources management team
          ?  從可控的綠色原料開始到最終的優質服務,認真分解分析每一個環節、每一個可能影響系統運行效率和效果的因素,做到經營方案的系統性、全面性、科學性、嚴謹性和可操作性,以保證實現客戶餐飲服務系統的成功高效運轉轉;
          From controllable green raw materials to final quality services, we carefully analyze each link and each factor that may affect system operating efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that our business plans are systematic, comprehensive, sound, rigorous and feasible and that catering service systems for clients are in successful and efficient operation. 

          Technical Support

          Top-notch Equipment and Facilities

          1. 九橙投資8000萬在上海嘉定區建立一座11000平方米符合美國FDA標準現代化中央廚房,擁有自動控溫冷庫10間,專業生產車間10間,總倉儲能力達3658噸。 
          1. With investment of RMB 80 million, an 11,000m2 of modern central kitchen in accordance with American FDA Standard is established in Jiading District, Shanghai, boasting 10 automatic temperature controlled refrigerators and 10 professional workshops with a storage capacity of 3,658 ton.

          2. 符合國際標準的化驗和檢測中心。
          2. Test and inspection center in accordance with international standards
          Nine Masters’ test and inspection center has a complete range of functions and testing facilities. Its testing technologies and techniques have reached an advanced national or international level. It’s fully responsible for testing and inspecting raw materials and semi-finished and finished products of Nine Masters.

          3. 完善的中央廚房生產系統,并擁有十萬等級凈化車間,標準化切配間,熱廚房,分裝間和清洗間,擁有快速冷卻系統,現代化熱收縮包裝系統,充氮包裝系統等先進設備及管理系統。

          3. Nine Masters has a state-of-the-art central kitchen production system, equipped with 100,000 grade purification workshops, standard chopper rooms, hot kitchens, packaging rooms and cleaning rooms. It also boasts a fast cooking system, a modern heat shrink packaging system, nitrogen-charging packaging system and other advanced equipment and management systems.

          4. 專業的物流配送系統,擁有GPS定位系統和全程溫控跟蹤系統冷鏈物流配送車輛15臺,實時跟蹤傳輸物流配送車輛溫控數據、車輛定位情況。
          4. Nine Masters has a professional logistics and distribution system, with 15 vehicles for cold chain logistics that are equipped with the GPS positioning system and the full-process temperature control and tracking system to ensure real-time tracking of temperature control and vehicle location data.